Conferences will be held on Week 8 at Cafe Milano You do not need to prepare anything formal, but this will be an opportunity for you to check in with me about how your Media project is coming and ask any questions you may have Monday, October 9: 3:30: Jackson 3:45: Michelle 4:00: Cjache 4:15: […]


For Class on Friday, Sept. 29

Dear all– Please come to class prepared to think and talk about Wind River, the excerpts read from the “Maze of Injustice” article, Haunani Kay-Trask’s “Color of Violence,” and the following selections from Chrystos’ “Not Vanishing” collection, on this site under the readings tab: Preface, Front and Back Matter “I walk in the history of […]

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Wind River (R) (2017) Cultural Review Outing PopVultures Fall 2017 ***REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR CAL ID*** …and your friends! DATE: Monday, September 25th, at Shattuck Cinemas (Shattuck & Kittredge) TIME: Please arrive by 7:25 so that we are able to get tickets & seats before the 7:45 pm showing IN ADVANCE: Please read excerpts from […]

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Class on Friday, Sept. 22

I propose we hold the following in our minds as we work today: The idea that some members of U.S. society, a substantial number in fact, feel that they are suffering from “PC Fatigue”–a sensation of being worn out by the overwhelming rules about, and reinforcement of, “political correctness.” Today, we’ll be doing the exercise […]

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Class on Wednesday, Sept. 20

In the spirit of our readings, I’d like to think of our work today as being guided by the following question: Where do we draw the line, and how do we know if we’ve crossed it? Today, we will be thinking through the articles “Playing Indian in the 1990s: Pocahontas and the Indian in the […]

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